Our Top 5 Features in the Spring ’16 Release

By May 3, 2018Blogs

1. Global Actions

Take Notes, Add Events and Tasks, and Log Calls from Anywhere in Lightning Experience
Sales and service pros can achieve a whole new level of multitasking with global actions and the new composer window. From the Global Actions menu, it’s easy to jot down a quick note or log a call without switching away from other work in progress. The menu serves up frequently used global actions—the same ones available in Salesforce Classic and the Salesforce1 mobile app.
 The menu frees teammates from having to search for the right record before knocking off a to-do item. And no more juggling several browser tabs to create multiple notes or activities at the same time. Global actions open in composer windows on the current page. This feature is available in Lightning Experience only. The Global Actions menu is always available in the header, making it easy to access global actions from any page. The menu displays a subset of global actions from the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section of the global publisher layout. Specifically, you get these global actions.

Users can even use keyboard shortcuts when working in composer windows!…every second counts!


2. Personal Accounts

Compatibility with Lightning Experience
Enabling person accounts is ideal for capturing details of individual people with whom you business and extends the traditional B2B Salesforce model to include B2C relationships. Until Spring ’16 person accounts were not supported in lightning experience not anymore! and we love that!


3. Field Service

Streamline Field Service with Work Orders
Work orders represent tasks to be performed on a customer’s product, typically in field service. Use work orders to efficiently track repairs, standard maintenance, and other types of service. Work orders can be associated with accounts, assets, cases, contacts, entitlements, service contracts, and other work orders. You can also create custom relationships between work orders and other standard or custom objects.To enable Quotes for your organization, navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Work Orders | Work Order Settings and click on the Enable button. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.


4. Navigation Menus

Custom Lightning Experience Navigation Menus
Custom Lightning Experience navigation menus vastly improve the navigation experience for your users. Before this release, everyone had the same navigation menu and it couldn’t be customised. Now, you can create multiple menus and tailor them for your various types of users such as sales reps, sales managers, and execs. You can add, remove, and move items on the menu so that users can go to the places they use most often with a single click.


5. Setup Health Check

View and Address Security Risks Using Health Check
At a glance, you can now see and fix security risks in your Session Settings, Password Policies, and Network Access settings. A new health check dashboard shows how well your org measures against the Salesforce-recommended baseline. Health Check lets you understand and proactively address your orgs security risks and vulnerabilities from a single page. This feature is available in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

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