4 areas to consider to when evaluating Salesforce.com

By May 3, 2018Blogs
Working primarily with small businesses, a common objection we hear in relation to investment in Salesforce.com is that of ‘budget’. Here are a few areas to evaluate when considering spend on Salesforce.com CRM:​
  • Productivity: The intuitive cloud based platform means that not only do users have access to the data they need, when they need it, but they can also automate complex business processes to identify and qualify opportunities that may otherwise be missed. The gains realised from these often far outweigh investment in the platform.​​
  • Complete CRM: Salesforce is the market leader in the CRM space. This is largely down to scalability of the platform. Salesforce can cater for; sales, marketing & customer service requirements out-of-the-box. In addition, users can quickly build and deploy custom applications for any requirement (e.g. Project Management, HR, Finance etc). These can be built using ‘drag and drop’ functionality or utilising pre-built applications on the AppExchange.
  • Fast Development: The ‘drag and drop’ interface means that development on Salesforce is over 50% faster than other cloud based CRM platforms. We strongly encourage businesses to consider the ongoing cost of development to scale other platforms that are bing evaluated alongside Salesforce.
  • Multi-Tenanted Platform: Essentially this means that customers are using a platform that will be updated with additional features, enhancements and functionally via 3 major releases every year. These extra tools come largely at no extra cost and are increasingly led by customer requests for enhancements.
As a small business ourself, we completely understand budgetary concerns and constraints. However, without investing in Salesforce, Cloudtopia are confident that we would not be able to connect with our customers in the way that we do now.

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